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Minecraft Caves & Cliffs: Everything You Need to Know

As a game that’s been running for over ten years now, Minecraft (a sandbox “collect-and-craft”-type video game developed by Mojang...

by David Dodge

Minecraft Enchantments | Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re trying to create an indestructible armor set to take on the Ender Dragon or you’re planning a huge...

by David Dodge

Minecraft Color Codes | The Ultimate 2020 Guide

Customization plays a huge role in the Minecraft experience. Ask any Minecraft player; they’ll probably agree. The vanilla game is...

by David Dodge

The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Commands and Cheats in 2021

Minecraft is already a fairly customizable game. Players can wander around in an open world, build whatever they want, and...

by David Dodge

Top 26 Free & Paid Coding Websites For Kids

Teaching coding for kids can be difficult – especially if you’re not too familiar with programming concepts or jargon yourself....

by David Dodge

Best Minecraft Texture Packs | The Complete List in 2020

Part of what makes Minecraft such an excellent game is the community. It may have been years since the game’s...

by David Dodge